Our Clients Say

Our clients consistently praise our work, from comments like "The video is insane 🔥💥" to "I think this might be my favorite video so far! Everything from the angles to the edits are on point!"

Professionalism & Creativity

I was blown away by the professionalism and creativity of Kerrigan Production. They understood the vibe I was going for and executed it flawlessly. The video has a cinematic quality that's rare in the industry. Big ups to the team!

Lil’ Diamond

CJ Pitts

HipHop Artist

Emotive Storytelling

As an R&B artist, conveying emotion through visuals is key. Kerrigan Production captured the soul and essence of my song in every shot. Their ability to tell a story that resonates with the audience is exceptional.

Harmony Grace

Bo Moneyy

Rap Artist

Attention to Detail

The team’s attention to detail is insane. They captured the gritty vibes of my track perfectly. Wasn’t just a shoot – felt like they were part of the crew, getting every element right.

Killa K

T. Royce


Edgy and Raw Aesthetics

For my trap single, I wanted something edgy and raw. The crew at Kerrigan Production delivered big time. The video is gritty, real, and perfectly in sync with the beat. They get the culture and the streets!

Trap Kingz

Real Talk

I wasn't sure what to expect, but Kerrigan Production worked magic. They were real, down-to-earth, and delivered a video that bangs. No big ego, just big results.

LJ Smooth

Brad (Against The Sun)

Singer, Lyricist, Topliner

Impressive Cinematography

The cinematography in my latest video is nothing short of impressive. Kerrigan Production knows how to capture the essence of hip-hop – the angles, lighting, and movement are all top-notch. These guys are pros!

Young Hustle

Understood My Vision

I loved how they took time to understand my vision. As an R&B artist, it’s all about feeling and mood, and they got it just right. The video feels like an extension of my song.

Nia Skye